Product commitment

We are committed to studying both technological and technical solutions that can minimize the environmental impact of our boats
In terms of product sustainability Sanlorenzo is moving forward through collaboration agreements with the world’s leading energy and E-fuels players, agreements that will revolutionize the entire nautical industry.

I think that having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want.

(Andy Warhol)

The route mapped out in the “Road to 2030” strategy will lead Sanlorenzo to launch in 2024 the first 50Steel equipped with methanol fuel cells to power all on-board services, and then, at the end of the decade, to the launch of the first superyacht 50Steel powered solely by green methanol, the ultimate goal for Sanlorenzo and a true response to the nautical sector’s demand for carbon-neutral on-board power generation. The generation of the power necessary for sailing at maximum speed will no longer be tied to the use of diesel engines powered by fossil fuels but will be based on a combination of fuel cells and internal combustion engines powered by green methanol. Thanks to a significant decrease of renewable energy cost, methanol can be produced based on clean sources (such as solar and wind) which reduces greenhouse gas emissions significantly, while being an excellent energy carrier.

Between 2024 and 2030, the roadmap also includes the launch of other models that will progressively minimize the environmental impact through bi-fuel models that will reduce emissions by up to 70%.
In parallel, in the <24m segment, two revolutionary Bluegame projects based on the use of hydrogen are advancing: the BGH tender, chosen by the New York Yacht Club as the “chase boat” to accompany American Magic during the 37th America’s Cup to be held in Barcelona in 2024, and the BGM65HH (hydrogen-hybrid). BGH is the ultimate expression of sustainable technology: the 10-meter yacht will reach a speed of 50 knots and a range of 180 miles at zero emissions, being driven exclusively by hydrogen fuel cells, combined with foils. Orient Express Racing Team, the official French challenger for the 37th America's Cup, decided as well to collaborate with Sanlorenzo on the development of its hydrogen-powered boat.

The hydrogen technology will also be installed in the BGM65HH multihull combined with the new generation of Volvo Penta hybrid engines, at an advanced stage of design, for which Sanlorenzo was chosen as pilot shipyard. This will allow zero emissions navigation for up to 80 nautical miles at an 8 knots speed.