Sanlorenzo 64 Steel Attila THE FLAGSHIP

With the 64Steel Attila Sanlorenzo launches its most prestigious and most imposing flagship, a 64 meter long vessel which is roomy, spacious, and welcoming like an 80 meter ship, rich in brilliant and courageous solutions, offering a qualitative level of on-board social life such as has never before been seen in a 1,600 GRT yacht.

It is an innovative proposal that has enabled Sanlorenzo to adopt unprecedented, married with elegant outside lines. Among these, the Main Deck at the stern and the Beach Club on the Lower Deck surely represent the most distinguishing areas of the project. The concept behind the layout in fact enables us to integrate the main bow deck and the beach club as much as possible and to experience both areas, around which the social life on board is focused.

Discover Sanlorenzo Iberia

Sanlorenzo has appointed its fully owned subsidiary, Sanlorenzo Iberia, as exclusive Brand Representative for the markets in Spain, Portugal and Andorra from June 2021. The move has been suggested by the great importance of the Spanish market in general and of the Balearic market in particular, destination of many international clients from across Europe. 

Sanlorenzo Iberia opened a new flagship office in the prestigious marina in Puerto Portals, Mallorca.

Carlo Ciriani, as being an historical sales person in Sanlorenzo with an unequalled knowledge and experience in his role, is taking the position of General Manager of the company Sanlorenzo Iberia. In his new challenge he will drive the growth of Sanlorenzo in the area, with the support and help of Andy McDougall (Mediterranean Yachts) and Alan Gulliver (Pier Zero Yachts) in their offices in Portals Nous and Puerto Banus, Marbella.