The SX line by Sanlorenzo surprises once again the American market

From 13 to 17 February, during the Miami International Boat Show 2020, the most important yachting event in the USA, Sanlorenzo narrates its daring, sophisticated approach to design by presenting a selection of the most emblematic yachts in the fleet.

Among the boats on view, the SX76 and SX88 stand out, two models from the SX crossover series, an absolutely innovative concept in the world of yachting introduced by Sanlorenzo in 2017, and an emblem of the brand’s unique ability to always stay one step ahead, seeing new possibilities where no one has imagined them before.

In line with the tailor-made approach of Sanlorenzo, the yachts on view have been envisioned and produced to meet the needs of American clients both in technical terms and also in terms of styling and culture.
Sanlorenzo Americas, the historic embassy of the brand in the States, becomes the narrator of corporate, while responding to the requirements of the local market

Discover Sanlorenzo Baleari

Sanlorenzo has appointed its fully owned subsidiary, Sanlorenzo Baleari, as exclusive Brand Representative for the markets in Spain, Portugal and Andorra from June 2021. The move has been suggested by the great importance of the Spanish market in general and of the Balearic market in particular, destination of many international clients from across Europe. 

Sanlorenzo Baleari opened a new flagship office in the prestigious marina in Puerto Portals, Mallorca.

Johannes H. Brechmann, as being known as a sales person in Sanlorenzo with an unequalled knowledge and experience in his role, is taking the position of General Director of the company Sanlorenzo Baleari. In his new challenge he will drive the growth of Sanlorenzo in the spanish area, with the support of the Sanlorenzo Monaco Group, driven by Mr. Ferruccio Rossi with branches in Monaco and Cannes.